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  • Why you'll love bookbit?

    • Automated Data Imports
    • On Site Budget Consultation and Training Seminar on Budget Planning

    • Automated Notifications on Bills Due and Credit Card Limit
    • Monthly Income Statement and Balance Sheet Report
    • Cashflow Insight and Projections
    • Financial Tracking and Progress Monitoring
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    We go further by helping you plan for the future. Use bookbit to record your finances and master your money effortlessly.

  • Now the way you will see your future is clearer!

    An app to help ordinary employees be Debt Free!

    Eliminating the struggles of budgeting quickly and accurately with expert support and access to your interactive financial reports.

    Each month our app turns this data into professionally prepared, cash flow projections and financial statements, with tailored budget advise and training, all securely delivered to you through the bookbit web/mobile app.

    Now the way you "see" your future is clearer. Bringing to the masses the most honest and practical financial solutions, and a clear road map to a financially secure future.

    Download the app TODAY.


    Point and shoot

    Simplify your data!

    Just take photos of your receipts and invoices. Safely encypted for added security.


    Automated Reports

    Know your numbers!

    Cash Flow Insights, Budget Projections, and Reports at your fingertips via our app.


    Financial Health Done

    Track your future!

    Tailored seminars for budget planning, onsite consultation and wealth accumulation protection .

  • Pricing and Plan

    (Pay by credit card)


    For the strategic!!!

    *All Premium Features+

    *Financial Tracking and Progress Monitoring
    *Training Seminar and Finance Planning
    *"Take Photo" of Receipt Auto Posting
    *On Site Budget Consultation
    *Unlimited Accounts
    *Automated Alerts


    (Starter Plan)


    For the busy!

    *Access to Exclusive Online Content
    *Monthly Balance Sheet Report
    *Receipt Storage Facility
    *No Advertisements
    *For 10 Accounts
    *Chat Support



    For the casual.

    *Access to Budget Tutorials
    *Manually Input Transaction
    *Monthly Cashflow Projections
    *Monthly Balance Sheet Report
    *For two accounts


    "You can be young without money, but you can't be old without it" - Tennessee Williams

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